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5 Ultimate Techniques For Manifesting Friends and Social Life

by | Nov 4, 2022 | Manifestation

I did a little research and found out that very few people have like-minded or best friends, who you can trust and share your emotions and experiences.

There are times when we want to speak to someone about a crappy day.

At work, there was some kind of disaster all day; you missed your flight, lost your wallet, or something that just happened for no reason.

It’s nice to have friends which whom you can share your daily experience. But what if you don’t trust anyone?

Keep reading. This article will tell you how to manifest friends, best or somebody like-minded.

How to Manifest New Friends Into Our Lives?

how to manifest friends
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[su_note note_color=”#DDFF99″]We can manifest new friends by using power of the Law of Attraction.[/su_note]

Obviously, if we want to have new friends, we should go out, keep connecting with people, maybe join some groups, or just chat with random people on Facebook.

But doing so, usually, we attract random people who probably don’t have the same hobbies as you do, or like the same activities.

Here comes the Law of Attraction that can help you manifest new friends that are at least similar to you.

Also, this guide can manifest best friends as well. Because we never know what we meet and how our relationship with this person can turn.

If you apply all of the methods below, you should notice the signs that your manifestation is close, which means that your new friend is coming.

Method #1 Be the Best Friend you Can Be

We should start with ourselves. Do you think you’re the best person in the world and everyone should like to be friends with you?

If you think so, you should stop.

There are no perfect people in this world. Everyone has their own “things”.

With the Law of Attraction, you can’t attract more than you are worth it.

If you’re always happy, smiling, or just vibrating with positivity, I can bet that you already have a lot of friends, and life is going right for you.

Here’s the thing. You have to treat others with the same level of kindness and appreciation as you wish to be treated as well.

Remember one thing.[su_quote]Small things bring a lot of joy to your friends.[/su_quote]

Look at some examples:

  • Boost the vibrations of your friends by spreading love and positivity.
  • Don’t judge it right away. First, listen, then sympathize, and just then give your advice that you think will make a difference.
  • Always remember special dates, events that are happening in their lives.
  • Always celebrate their success and cry together when they have hard times.

Acting like these examples above will make you a much, much better friend.

Method #2 Start Writing a Journal Daily

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Writing a journal is one of my favorite methods of learning how to manifest friends.

You have to understand that every thought you have in your mind is creating your life, your future…

It just depends if you’re thinking, writing about it a lot or not. You’re creating your world through your thoughts. Don’t forget that.

For example, if you have some specific thoughts about new friends and are feeling good while thinking about it, then keep doing. But if you’re not, then adjust your thoughts in a more positive order until you’re feeling great.

At first, this might be difficult; that’s why you should start writing a journal.

Here’s how you should write your journal.

  1. Start with writing basic questions like: Why do you want new friends? What would you like to get from him? What do you want to do together? What do you want your new friend to bring to your relationship?
  2. Begin writing and dreaming of the feeling that you have more friends. This way, you will start warming up the universe and getting closer to your goals.
  3. Let Universe do its job. Don’t be too pushy or impolite in your thoughts.

Method #3 Use Affirmations When Manifesting New Friends

Simple affirmations can easily and effectively help you to manifest friends into your life.

[su_highlight]Affirmations will only work if you feel the feelings that they describe.[/su_highlight] So if you’re a bit skeptical and don’t believe in affirmations, then don’t waste your time reading it.

Here I put a simple, easy to remember affirmations list for manifesting friends.

[su_list icon=”icon: star-o” icon_color=”#250827″]

  • I allow my friends to be who they are and how they are at the moment.
  • I like getting to know new people.
  • Every week my circle of friends expands.
  • I consistently attract positive relationships in my life.
  • I love and accept myself, and I am a magnet for friends.
  • I trust myself, I trust life, and I trust my friends.
  • I allow myself and those around me to be imperfect.
  • I will attract friends easily. I am thankful for my friends.
  • I am ready to open my heart to true friendship and a meaningful connection.
  • I believe in the overall goodness of people.
  • I manifest more friends all and every day.[/su_list]

    And here is our favorite one[su_note note_color=”#DDFF99″]I’m good enough as I am to be loved as a good friend.[/su_note]

    How to Manifest a Best Friend

    manifest best friend
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    You can manifest your best friend, but it’s different from manifesting new friends into your life.

    The main reason why it’s different is that. A friend can only become a best friend by building the relationship and trust between them.

    Becoming a best friend with someone isn’t an overnight success.

    You have to build that.

    But of course, you can “speed up” things with the Law of Attraction.

    First Step: Make a List

    Make a list of friends that you would like to become best friends with. And create a list of things that you want your best friend would have (this one is important).

    Having a list of best friend characteristics will make a chance to find your best friend from new people.

    If you meet someone like-minded and you feel it’s a very close person to your soul, don’t expect to become best friends in a day… It takes time.

    Second Step: Read the List Daily

    Put the list away for a couple of days. After that, reread your list and make adjustments if you think you need them. Read the list every day and make intentions to find the characteristics you wanted.

    Third Step: Stay Yourself

    Live your life as you normally do. Don’t make any changes, don’t change your habits or activities, because you might end up with new people who are more likely to enjoy the things you don’t like.

    Do activities you like, and you will always be surrounded by like-minded people. Invite your friends into your activities, see if they like it or not.

    Don’t stress if they don’t like it, you will meet new people by doing that, so every new acquaintance can become your new best friend.

    Can You Manifest a Friendship With Manifestation?

    Manifestation has many specific rules and methods on how it can be used.

    To understand it clearly, Manifestation helps to bring personal goals, wishes, and thoughts into tangible objects.

    And yes, you can definitely find new friends with manifestation techniques. I have personally used it when I was depressed and had no real friend with whom I could talk and express my feelings.

    I’m glad it worked for me, and I hope it will work for you too.

    How to Attract Real Friends?

    So we want to manifest a friendship, but we don’t want them just of the matter of a number. [su_highlight]We want to have real, genuine, like-minded friends with a real relationship.[/su_highlight]

    First of all, we should determine what a real friend is to you.

    After that, you should write in the journal all the details that a real friend should have. Include everything, appearance, thinking, world outlook, etc.

    Moving forward, you can experiment with the 55×5 manifestation method.

    It means that you have to sum up your desires into one or two sentences and write down 55 times each day for 5 days. You can learn more about the 55×5 manifestation method here.

    So now we have a picture of what a real friend is to you.

    95% of your life comes from a subconscious.

    Bedtime reprogramming is a great method to manifest anything, and real friends aren’t an exception.

    Dr. Bruce Lipton has done an enormous amount of research on how we can change our subconscious.[su_note note_color=”#DDFF99″]He found out that the time before we fall asleep is the perfect time to make changes. Subconscious is a strong weapon already, but now we know how we can increase the rate of success is just awesome.[/su_note]

    I think you understand what you should do next time before you fall asleep.

    Just dream about the characteristics you wrote down in the journal before falling asleep and waiting for the results!

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