Law of Attraction to get ex back

How to Use Law of Attraction to Get Ex Back (5 Steps)

by | Nov 4, 2022 | Law of Attraction

The law of Attraction can be used in many different forms. 

Depending on what you are looking for, if you practice LOA you can reap so many positive benefits. 

So using Law of Attraction to get ex back is a great method to try it.

When it comes to the things you think, it all gets put into perspective in your life. 

Taking advantage of the universe’s gift can help you to achieve something even greater than yourself.

Can I Get My Ex Back With Law of Attraction

With the law of attraction, we can attract anything we desire including your ex. 

With LOA, you will not fool the law with thinking positively one moment then turning negative moments later, it must be consistent. 

Be aware of your vibrational energy and understand it’s within. You must change the way you feel by doing these things:

  • Volunteering
  • Becoming happy with yourself and others
  • Doing things you love
  • Taking care of something

Being able to let go of past experiences will enhance your chances of finding the one you looking for. 

Interacting with others who have the same goals and like minds as you can also help to achieve these things in your life.

How to Use Law of Attraction to Get Ex Back

law of attraction to get ex back
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The more we desire and want something the more you need to add positive energy into it. 

Having strong thoughts and actions will help the process of getting you and your ex back together sooner. 

Creating a plan and executing is key to starting the process of getting your ex back. 

You may be wondering how would I do this, with these steps you can wonder no more:

  • Law of deliberately creating- Purposely sending our thoughts to the universe will healthily create your desires.
  • Law to allow- Allow others to be their person, respect their free will, and don’t push it
  • Visualize– Allow yourself to think about the times you two spent with each other.
  • Be grateful- Be grateful you can be with your ex, grateful for others and yourself.

Using Law of Attraction to Get Your Ex Back

Sometimes, with the law of attraction, you may want to invite love into your life or even a past love. 

In doing so I have amazing tips in offering you success with this goal in mind. 

Before starting these steps you must remember to not obsess over your past relationship with your ex. 

Once you have gotten past this point you can then allow the universe to guide you along your path. 

Since this law is very powerful and our human nature acts as magnets, it can create a connection between two people.

Since you and your ex were on a level of connection somehow this connection got disconnected. 

The best way to achieve a connection back with your ex, you must radiate at a higher frequency. 

You cannot achieve anything without focusing the attention on yourself first. Examples of doing this are:

  • Practicing Meditation
  • Helping others
  • Making yourself happy

What to know about Law of Attraction

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Since the law of attraction can come in many forms, your opportunities for success are endless. 

This law is a huge mystery to many, which makes it so special. 

Lots of people are unknowing of the great impact they are portraying in our everyday lives. 

Sadly, many of us do not know of the powerful potential we have using these laws.

When it comes to this law many can leave their thoughts amiss. 

This may send out the wrong intentions or attract different events in your life to happen. 

Once you have unlocked this secret you can learn how to efficiently use it in your day to day life and create your path to success.

Steps to Understanding the Law of Attraction

A big universal law to learn is that Like attracts like. 

This is used all the time probably without you even knowing it. 

For example, have you ever had a bad day and more bad things kept happening? 

This is because your mind is focused on that “bad” day making it apart of your life. 

The thoughts and emotions we think are what bring about the action in our lives. This means that:

  • If your thought is: ” I suck at everything” your mind is set on that thought and you will bring that into your life.
  • If your saying is: ” I should be making more money” Your focus is on money and you are adding that into your life.
  • If your feeling is: ” I love my career” you are being attentive to that feeling and the Universe will respond with more of that.

Steps for Using Law of Attraction to Get Ex Back

Many think that you cannot use the law of attraction to get ex back but you can. 

When you commit and follow these guidelines you will attract your ex back or find an even better relationship. 

When doing this you will attract others into your life, liking it or not. 

Never dwell on the past. 

This is the past, you must move on and start fresh. 

For thirty days forget about any negative memories you and your ex had. Purely think positive thoughts about the relationship.

  1. Create an environment and put emotion into it- Imagine you are with your ex and think of fun things you would be doing together.
  2. Act as if your ex is with you- Doing this will create realism and be more effective.
  3. Imagine your having conversations with them- This can range from talking about a movie to just an everyday chat.
  4. Listen to positive music- You can think about listening to these songs with your ex
  5. Watch movies or TV shows about love- This can help you get in the loving mood and create a higher attraction rate

Methods That Will Create a Higher Attraction Rate

The more you feel grateful and loved about getting your ex back, the higher chance you have at accomplishing your goal. 

If your ex may have moved on or has already gotten in a relationship don’t let this worry you. 

Allow the universe to take its toll, you may get your ex back or even find the one meant for you. 

The law of attraction is extremely powerful and will work. 

There will be a change whether it be them missing you or even coming back to you. 

The power of the mind with this law is undoubtedly unstoppable.

  • Write a letter to yourself from your ex- This step will create a positive manifestation
  • Don’t contact them, allow them to come to you- Never spy, or stalk their social pages, this can create negative thoughts.
  • Imagine you went on vacation together- Doing this creates a fun experience for you to attract

Manifesting the Specific Person

To be able to attract a specific person the first thing you need to do is start with action-oriented thoughts. 

You may or may not know exactly what you’re looking for yet and that’s ok. 

That is why to manifest for someone specific take full focus and commitment to your goal.

  • Be specific when it comes to the traits and relationship you’re looking for
  • What does your relationship vision look like, add the physical and emotional traits you’re looking for
  • Start actively creating your vision- use pictures or items to enhance your manifestation
  • Make a mental imprint of your vision by using positive affirmations or meditation

What to Never Do When Manifesting Your Ex

When it comes to manifesting your ex it’s best not to talk to them without bringing up possible reasons you may have broken up or other negative thoughts. 

You also don’t want to come off as desperate or feel the lack of being without them.

  • Don’t read old love letters good or bad- This can make you feel you’re missing them, lacking confidence.
  • Never take action or force anything- Allow the universe to do its work.
  • Repeat each step for thirty days-Even if you get back with them in a couple of days still use this method to perfect it.

Allow Changes to Happen in Your Subconscious

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Allowing change to happen in your life is very important. 

When you attempt to change this, it will allow your subconscious to think positively and give great effects. 

Your subconscious is so important because it is the hidden main thought process. 

If you can change the thought process then you will achieve great things.

  • What you think about will become what you attract
  • What we visualize is what we will attract
  • What your actions do will also attract

Other Effective Ways of Manifesting Your Ex

Doing the guidelines given above will work with amazing results, but if you want to give full effect into this manifestation try out these methods:

  • Script your manifestation– The more you think about what you want the higher chance you have at manifesting these thoughts into your life.
  • Make your manifestation believable- You want to make your manifestation believable to yourself because it will give it higher radiance.
  • Use the 55×5 method- For this method, you write about the definite desires you want 55 times for five days.
  • Choose a positive affirmation- This helps to start off thinking about what you want along with what your manifesting.
  • Practice Meditating- Meditation can help your subconscious and your overall mood

Things to remember

Now you know you can get ex back with law of attraction, but it depends a lot on yourself.

Create your reality, everything is created by you, so if you want it you can have it. 

Forget about the chances and odds of what may happen. 

Truly believe that you and your ex are getting back together. 

Feel that you have already accomplished being with your ex. 

With the law of attraction, once you believe you’re with them then you will be with them. 

Don’t allow doubt or fear to control your desires. Doing this will then falter your manifestation. Last but not least always remember to;

  • Take care of yourself
  • Love others
  • Stay positive, don’t let negativity get to you

There is no way to manifest your ex or special someone if you don’t expose yourself to the universe and allow your manifestations to be open.

Ways to manifest someone fast is being one with energy. 

When you can accomplish this step you can connect your energy to another compatible energy. 

Once you have gotten past things that are holding you back and creating your energy, then receive energy from another person.


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