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13 Signs Your Manifestation is Close (#5 Important)

by | Nov 4, 2022 | Manifestation

A lot of times I get this question “When will my manifestation come to me?”

That’s a good question, because when you start manifesting and you can’t wait to see results.

But the thing is you can’t rush the universe, you must wait for signs your manifestation is close.

Manifestations are more than willful or wishful thinking. 

After setting up the intentions, the most popular thing you must be thinking about is, what are the manifestation signs?

When am I going to get my manifestation true? The answer to this “when?” depends only on your confidence, the strength you hold within your heart, and your mindset.

We are always manifesting. The main point is, are we manifesting our fears or our dreams? 

Here’s the deal,

Manifestations are set to achieve several goals, or just used as a sign to predict what is coming to us soon. 

Many of us think that manifestation signs are a smooth ride. But it is not exactly like that. 

Many ups and downs can come in the path as signs of manifestation. 

So, what is the bottom line?

It’s not about looking for the signs, it’s about believing and keeping faith that your manifestation is on its way. Signs only show that it has been done for you. 

What Happens Just Before Manifestation

The universe will throw a test on you, just to test how badly you want your manifestation. 

These obstacles might be challenging and hard to overcome but also could appear as a simple synchronicity sign.

Most often you’ll start seeing signs your manifestation is coming and it’s good to recognize them and accept them.

Be strong, train yourself to catch manifestation signs, and project your life in the right direction.

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It uses a simple three symbol method that helps to attract abundance and wealth, you can check it here.

13 Signs Your Manifestation Is Close

I’ve spent hours researching and choosing which signs are the most important to include on a list of signs just before manifestation.

The following is my final list of the most common manifestation signs, some of which I have personally witnessed.

Sign # 1: Deep down, you know

It’s like your sixth sense clicking that everything is going to be okay.

Even if it does not make any sense, your inner self knows it. 

Despite all the bumps and bruises, even with all the doubts, fears, and feelings that everything around is going wrong. It’s something you feel down to your core. You know it’s coming.

So, stick to it! And never underestimate that inner feeling. Feelings never lie. It is an excellent sign that your manifestation is near. 

Have you ever gone through such deep feelings? It must be great, yes! Everyone has that inner feeling.

Sign # 2: Spiritual guides

You probably don’t notice their presence most of the time, but our spiritual guides are always working with us. They help us not to lose faith when our manifestation is just about to come true. 

To help us in this case, they often make an appearance in several ways like feathers or coins.

Sometimes, perhaps you randomly listen to a song whose lyrics strike your heart. 

Or maybe you get to smell a fragrance in the air that reminds you of a specific time and place.

You might see some animals which are important to you, or they are just a special sign relating to your manifestation. 

This is also a good sign that your manifestation has come very close. 

So, keep your eyes wide open as your fluffy friend may be wandering around just to give you a signal that your manifestation is about to come true.

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Sign # 3: Stepping stones appear

Stepping stones are a part of nature’s plan to bring your manifestation closer. 

You might have wondered about how coincidentally the right people, right places, and the right things are brought to you. 

Well, it’s not at all a coincidence!  

Nature brings these right things to you as stepping stones towards your manifestation. But still, your manifestation lies at the end of the path. 

These stepping stones are, no doubt, essential to walk down the path that leads you to your manifestation.

So never avoid these stepping stones and take them as a good sign.

Sign # 4: Nothing is going right

Whenever you are on the path towards successful manifesting, there will be a test. The universe just wants to analyze how serious you are about your goals. 

So, it takes you through a test in which you might feel that everything is going wrong. 

Falling apart or much more discouraging thoughts may creep into your mind. 

Many people lose hope in such conditions and give up on their manifestations.

But this is crazy.

These conditions are the true examples of the saying, “there is always dark before the dawn.” As you pass this test and stand strong for your manifestation, you just get it right away!

Take this test as a good sign that your manifestation has just come.

Sign # 5: Messages around you

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Messages all around are the best and the most noticeable sign.

You may see hidden or prominent messages around you regarding your manifestation. 

Say, for example, a short message is written over a wall, a T-shirt, or somebody randomly speaks of something that relates to your manifestation.

These messages are giving you signs that your manifestation is on its way.

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Sign # 6: Sense of excitement

Sometimes, it happens that we just wake up in the morning with positive energy. 

We feel happy and excited and cannot recognize the actual reason. It’s because our manifestation has been done for us, or it is so near that our soul can just feel it done.

How can someone ignore that sense of excitement? That happy feeling makes us feel better, think better and even look better.

Sign # 7: People falling apart

Our bodies are like containers. There’s only a limited amount our bodies can hold. 

So, whenever some people like us call fake friends or mean people are falling apart. 

Everything feels to be in chaos, take it as a sign that nature is making room for our manifestation by shifting things around.

It is also a practical example of the saying that we have to lose something precious to get something priceless. 

Of course, your manifestation is far more priceless than fake people whom you once consider precious.

Sign # 8: Dreams

manifestation signs dreams
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Dreams are awesome! They are just like a reflection of our subconscious mind.

Whenever your manifestation is near, you will probably dream about it. Also, dreams can be used to make our subconscious minds pay attention to what we manifest. 

This is an effective way of manifestation and can be used through practice.

When you have dreams about your manifestation, it means it has already been done for you.

Really, dreams are the kickers.

Sign # 9: Synchronicity

Another fantastic sign of manifestation is synchronicity.

It’s that you begin to see a good number like 1111 or some lucky number several times. 

Or you may also notice some series of events happening a certain number of times.

Synchronicity also occurs as if you think of something and after some time. It appears in front of you physically done. It is a sign that nature is already in the play with you. Take it as a good sign, and your manifestation is just about to pop up.

Sign # 10: Moments of Déjà vu

Déjà vu is a sensation of living a moment twice or multiple times. 

It feels like we have lived the same moment in our life before. This is nature’s sign that your manifestation has already been done for you. 

This sign is different from all others as this the most unusual one. But has been happening to humans since the very beginning. 

Sign # 12: Messages through other people

The universe tries to connect to you in several ways.

Sometimes it sends you messages through other people around you. It’s like you’ve been thinking or putting efforts into a matter. And a friend of yours randomly suggests a great idea about it. 

This is nature’s way of telling you that your manifestation is about to come.

Sign # 13: You see it everywhere

Sometimes when you intend to have something, you start seeing it everywhere. 

It’s not at all a coincidence, somewhat instead of just your brain thinking about a wish. It is nature telling you that you are going to get your manifestation in real life physically. 

It is the sure sign that your manifestation is coming. So, never ignore these events by just thinking of them as a coincidence.

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How Do I Know If My Manifestation Is Coming?

The first thing you’ll notice before manifestation is a recurrence of scenarios and events.

This is, of course, linked to manifestation signs, but I’d like to distinct one point here.

You should have a strange feeling, commonly referred to as the sixth sense, that something is about to change just before manifestation.

And if you have this feeling, you can be happy and confidently wait for your “thing” to happen.

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Is It Ok To Think About Your Manifestation?

The answer is definitively YES. It’s a good and necessary habit to think about your manifestation, but don’t overdo it.

Overthinking the outcome may cause your manifestation to come to a halt or delay.

Allow yourself to let go of your obsessive desire for that result and simply believe in it.

[su_note note_color=”#DDFF99″]Pro Tip: Use positive affirmations to overcome obsessive thinking about your end results/desire.[/su_note]

Manifestation Signs Are Coming

Signs Your Manifestation is Close
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Setting up a goal and focusing exactly on the results with your conscious, as well as sub-conscious mind is what manifestation is about. 

And when this focus is achieved, you begin to see the signs your manifestation is very close.

These signs indicate that your manifestation is near, just about to pop up, or it may have been done already.

It’s a natural way of saying hello to you…

Manifestation takes you through hard times just to confirm if you are serious about your goals. 

So, whenever you’ve been going through hard times. Or seeing above mentioned signs of manifestation.

Or even feel the initial signs of manifestation, stick to your goal. You’re definitely on the right path.

Best of luck!

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  1. Cheryl

    I’ve given up on manifesting many times throughout the years but learned more now so I’ve stuck with it so far. I’ve learned that the universe will test you and it did as I was tested financially when my front tooth broke off my dentures last night (I was unhappy for a short while but I didn’t get angry like I used to). I’ve been trying to manifest 3 things and the signs are everywhere like my friend calling me after years of not talking to me, new commercial is the exact SUV I’m trying to manifest (super different) and suddenly people are treating me kindly. I haven’t cracked a real grin in countless years but suddenly I’ve been catching the corners of my mouth going up quite a bit. My body is healing when I had issues for years. My 3 manifestations are that I am rich (why not), that I’m healthy in my body and mind and that I am loved. I didn’t see anything right away but after a little more than a week it’s been a miracle however I disagree with what was said about not overdoing it because when I’m not putting deliberate attention to manifesting.. my minds goes automatically back to thinking of things I shouldn’t.


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