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Scripting Law of Attraction – Manifest Your Ideal Life Overnight

by | Nov 4, 2022 | Law of Attraction

It is the desire of everyone to live according to his wishes on the earth.

Everyone has a story on which he can write or tell of how he desires his life to be.

Therefore, it is the dream of every man that, at one point during his lifetime, he will leave according to his desires.

To achieve all these desires, the scripting law of attraction is an appropriate tool that should assist to bring our desires closer every day.

Scripting the law of attraction makes it easy to achieve what you want in life because it makes you focus directly on what you desire.

Maybe you desire a nice house or a good job or even a very beautiful lady, scripting that desire brings it closer to you.

How to Scripting Law of Attraction

how to scripting law of attraction
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It is very important to understand how to script the law of attraction about what you want or wish in the future.

First of all, you must have clear intentions of what you desire.

We all have different likes and preferences.

I wish to have a very beautiful wife in my life whom I will spend all my entire life with, give her all my love and take her out whenever she wants, take hikes from one town to the other.

You also need to determine why you desire it.

You can’t desire to have something in your life for no reason.

My beautiful lady performs all the home chaos which was a burden to me at the time I was single.
How would your desire make you feel to manifest it?

The beautiful lady with me brings all the happiness I require in life, she wakes me up early in the morning, prepares my lunch and dinner for me.

She is my companion and my attraction. I just feel satisfied when I walk with her along the streets and all I can hear from the naughty boys are just whispering.

You also need to make your desire believable.

While scripting law of attraction, make sure that, what you are thinking or writing about what you want in the future.

Avoid any obstacle that may hinder you from achieving your dream.

So many men would discourage me every time I approached this lady by telling me that he is not of my class but I did not give up.

Be grateful.

At the end of your script, you should remember to show your gratitude for what you are attracting. You should give your thanks to the universe for what it has done toward your desire.

Generally, I am so thankful to the world for being soft to me during my struggle to get this beautiful lady.

Scripting Law of Attraction Love

scripting love
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The world is full of ups and downs.

As it is the desire of most men, I also had that desire to fall in love with some of the prettiest girls along with the globe.

Each day when I was walking on the streets, I could not close my eyes looking whether I can see one in a million of my desire.

What made this thought to keep running now and then in my mind was because each day I woke up in the morning, I could start thinking about how I can get the woman of my dreams.

I would figure out that if I get the type of woman I want, I will not need anything else.

The exiting part of it is that one day I decided to specifically go out to the city and look whether I can have some luck.

I just wore my cutest suit ready to go and convince one without any fear.

Now how could I fear with a suit?

The day was just cool and everything was going on, as usual, I took my breakfast and without much do, I went straight to my business.

I was standing near the supermarket gate waiting to see whether I could trace one either coming out of the supermarket or working along the road.

I was looking to the left and suddenly decided to turn to the right.

I was shocked to see that my eyes were one on one with those of a very beautiful lady who was approaching the supermarket gate.

I decided this is the time and it is now or never.

What was now running in my mind is whether to approach her or not.

After consulting my inner feeling for a short while and what I have desired for so long, I decided to start the conversation straight away.

Even if scripting law of attraction involves writing down what you aspire to have in the future, you should not sit there and spend all your lifetime desiring.

It is very advisable that after determining what you want in the future you then have to start creating more thoughts on how you will get it.

Make even some efforts to announce it to the world and make so steps ahead to go and look for it.

Remember the more you internalize the thought about the desire, the more it comes closer to you.

Remember also to do away with any barriers you may encounter and let them not hinder you from achieving what you want.

Just pay direct focus and belief and you will eventually get what attracts you more in this life.

Scripting Manifestation Examples

However, scripting Law of attraction may be criticized to be irrelevant or inappropriate by some scholars since they may argue that until proven with reasonable examples, they can’t believe such a phenomenon.

In my life, back in those days where I was in primary school, I had my elder brother who was in boarding school by then.

Every time they closed up the school, he used to come home dressed up like a very senior person and my mother would buy a kilo of meat and cook a delicious meal for him like he was so important.

Each time I saw this, I wished to pass my final primary level examination so that the same treatment my brother was given, I will also demand to go it.

This desire kept running around my mind each time I was walking around the school compound.

Before going home I would figure out whether what I have learned that day will make me appropriate to pass my final exam and win a ticket to join boarding secondary school.

Eventually, the time for the final examination was here with me.

I decided to show the world that I needed to join a good boarding secondary school and did all of my best to take me there.

After a long struggle when the results were announced, I was on the list of those who were going to join boarding school which was my number one desire.

In most cases, we hear people who have succeeded in life-giving testimonies of how they wished that one day they will be where they are.

You may hear a doctor giving testimony of how he wished that one day he will become a doctor and finally he becomes one.

This is a result of scripting Law of attraction and making sure that every day he did something which brought him closer to his dream.

If you desire to become a politician and pay attention to it, you can start bringing your desire closer but starting down from the roots.

You can start mobilizing your fellows in your village.

You can further start to mobilize you, workmates, whenever there is no conducive working environment and this way your desire to be a politician will be coming closer to you.

Overcoming Barriers to Scripting Law of Attraction

scripting barriers
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Nothing comes out of an empty hand, it is not usually a straight forward case that what you desire to achieve in the future will come to be.

There are so many challenges you are likely to face on your struggles to get what you want.

At times you may feel like you will quit but it gets better when you decided to push even harder when the situation gets hard.

You might be wondering how those people who have achieved what they desired in their lives came to be, the deal is to keep pushing more and more until finally, you get what you desire.

However, this does not mean that you will spend all your life thinking about your desire so that you will finally get it. It is also advisable to engage yourself in other activities that drive your happiness.

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As it is the desire of every man to get what he wants in life.

However, it’s not as easy as it sounds.

You need to be familiar with scripting law of attraction.

Enduring all that it takes to go for what you want. Knowing what you want and work toward achieving it.

Focusing on your target and making sure that every day you involve yourself in activities that will bring your desire closer.

Scripting law of attraction does not also mean sacrificing all your life toward what you want in life.

No, you should also involve yourself in other activities which attract your happiness.


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